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Knitters’ Basic Toolbox I

Class Description

Never knit a stitch?  No worries.  This two-session class is designed with the beginning knitter in mind.  Students will be introduced to knitting needles and yarns, learn how to cast yarn onto the needles, and practice knitting in garter stitch.  In the second class, students will learn how to make a finished edge, create button holes, and weave in loose ends of yarn. The completed project is a set of simple dishcloths.


Prerequisite Skills



Skills Covered

         The Knit Stitch

         Casting on / binding off

         Simple finishing:  seaming and weaving in ends


Class Fee  $40, includes materials



Summer Cloths

Pattern Design: KrisKnits

Images: KrisKnits

Knitters’ Basic Toolbox II

Class Description

This three-session class is designed to follow the Basic Toolbox I class, or for knitters who have not knit in a long time, or are self-taught.  Students will quickly review the garter stitch, then learn how to purl and how to stitch simple knit and purl combinations.  Students will learn basic techniques for shaping, seaming and sizing, and how to correct mistakes! The completed projects are a set of patterned dishcloths, including your choice of Spring Cloths or Summer Cloths by KrisKnits.

Prerequisite Skills

         Knit and Garter stitch

         At least one type of cast on and bind off.


Skills Covered

         The Purl Stitch

         4 Basic Knit & Purl patterns (Stockinette, Ribbing, Seed Stitch and Moss Stitch)

         Working a project with multiple pattern variations in each row

         Casting on / binding off in the middle of a row (Creating a button hole!)

         Simple finishing:  I-cords and weaving in ends


Class Fee  $55, includes materials